TTUSD Lunch Assembly

Lunch Components and Lunch Audit Hypotheses

Why I joined Green Teams: “How To” Videos

A video by the Kings Beach Elementary Green Team

“How to” Make Calendar Boxes

Lunch Waste Audit Practice

“How To” make a reusable sandwich holder, out of a gallon milk container

In the Green Team’s efforts to reach out to all students in helping to reduce lunch room waste, the clubs produced a “How To” video. This video demonstrates how anyone that can operate a pair of scissors can make a sandwich or salad container out of a gallon milk container, that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill! The Green Team hopes that students will pack reusable containers or make their own from this “How To” do help in reducing plastic ziplock bags in the lunch room waste stream.

Earth Day 2013 theme D.A.T. or “Do Another Thing”- “How To” video by Green Teams

Last year SWEP carried a theme borrowed from partner ACE (Alliance for Climate Education) of “D.O.T.’s” or “Do One Thing” into the elementary schools Trashion shows. The idea is to encourage everyone to come up with just one thing he/she can do for the environment. SWEP carried this theme into Earth Day pledges at elementary schools over to Earth Day. Students made D.O.T. Handprint pledges.  This year we are “Doing Another Thing”, D.A.T. footprint pledges. Last year your pledge may have been to use a reusable water bottle as your DOT…what is your DAT for this year?   Earth Day Shane McConkey Foundation Recognition at TTUSD

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